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Solar Blankets
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Pool and Spa Solar Covers from Specialty Pool Products'

Solar Covers - Solar Blankets for your Inground Pool, Aboveground Pool or Spa from Specialty Pool Products. When it comes to solar blankets, we've got you COVERED!

Solar Blankets Increase Water Temp by up to 15 Degrees

- Heat with NO utility costs!
- Enjoy your pool sooner, swim longer
- Shop our Selection, We have YOUR perfect Solar Blanket!

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About SPP Solar Blankets

We offer a variety of Solar Blankets to help you swim earlier, swim longer and SAVE MONEY on pool heating! Review our selection, then just click on your pool shape & size to order. Don't see your pool listed? Give us a call at 1-800-983-7665 for a quote on a Solar Blanket custom-made to fit your pool.

Klear Choice 16-Mil. Solar Blankets for Inground & Aboveground Pools

Silver-backed (not clear), superior heat retention.

Our "Best in Show" Solar Blanket!

  • Thickest Solar Blanket Available
  • Top Quality, for Years of Use
  • 8-Year Warranty (2 Years Full)

Standard Blue 12-Mil. Solar Blankets for Inground & Aboveground Pools

Quality blue, exceptional heating & insulation.

An SPP Customer Favorite!

  • Premium Solar Blanket, Perfect for every Pool
  • 14% More Heat Retention than Competitors
  • 7-Year Warranty (2 Years Full)

Standard Blue 8-Mil. Solar Blankets for Inground & Aboveground Pools

Durable blue, raise your pool water temperature!

Quality Construction that's also a Great Value.

  • Top-Quality Material
  • Super Strong Seams
  • 3-Year Warranty (1 Year Full)

Standard Blue 5-Mil. Solar Blankets for Inground Aboveground Pools

Effective & Inexpensive!

A Cost-Effective Choice!

  • Perfect for budget-conscious pool owners
  • Strong, Durable Construction
  • 1-Year Warranty (90 Days Full)

Round Solar Blankets









Oval Solar Blankets







Rectangular Solar Blankets














What is a Solar Blanket?

A Solar Blanket is a great investment for every pool owner. In fact, in some areas of the country a good quality Solar Blanket may be all you need to warm your pool water and make your pool more enjoyable. Solar Blankets will increase pool water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees, and will significantly reduce – or even eliminate - pool water heating costs!

Simply put, a Solar Blanket is designed to collect heat from solar energy and transfer it to your pool water. Solar Blankets are made from a durable polymer material with thousands of tiny sealed air bubbles. They float "bubble side down" on the surface of your pool water when the pool is not in use, and allow solar energy to pass through, which is then trapped as retained heat in the pool. Many pool owners also use a solar blanket to retain the heat generated from a fossil fuel heater or heat pump.

Why Should I Use a Solar Blanket on My Pool?

Solar Blankets will increase your pool water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees and can significantly reduce – or even eliminate your pool heating costs (depending on the area of the country where you live). Your pool water warms earlier in the season & stays warmer longer - which translates to a longer swim season, for less money!

Most heat loss in a pool is caused by evaporation. By trapping the heat, a Solar Blanket will reduce evaporation by approximately 95%, and will save up to 50% on pool chemical usage (while the pool is covered). Solar Blankets also act as a barrier to prevent leaves and debris from entering the pool, thereby reducing the time you need to spend on maintenance.

The Perfect Accessories for your Solar Blanket

With a few well-chosen accessories, you can extend the life of your Solar Blanket and make it much easier to use – even by one person!

Solar Reel System - Take the work and hassle out of using your new Solar Blanket. With a Solar Reel System, you simply turn the handle to take the Blanket off the pool! Portable and lightweight, a Reel System also makes storing the blanket becomes a one-person job. These systems will protect your solar blanket while making your life a whole lot easier.

Solar Saddle - Truly the first, EZ-on, EZ-off Solar Blanket Storage System! A Solar Saddle connects easily to any side of your Aboveground Pool, and lets you neatly fold and conveniently store your Blanket out of the way when the pool is open, and place it back on the water’s surface easily (while you are in or out of the pool).

Poly Tarps - Our rip-proof woven Cover protects your Solar Blanket from the damaging effects of weather and sun while it's on the reel & not in use. Handy Velcro® fasteners attach the Tarp to your Reel (not included) to prevent it from blowing off.

Warranty Information

Always wait at least 12 hours before using a Solar Blanket on the surface of a pool that has been "shocked" with chemicals. Always install Blanket with bubbles facing down towards the water. When not in use, we recommend you cover your solar blanket with an opaque cover, and store it in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight.

Made from One-Piece Extruded Material.

All Solar Blankets are made by sealing or stitching the polymer material together to form the size and shape needed to fit the pool. One-piece extrusion does NOT mean that the entire Solar Blanket is made from one single piece. Extruded material means that the material itself, where the bubbles are located, is made from homogenous blends of polymers and co-polymers in single layer formats. Other Solar Blankets are made by laminating two layers to form one. This is where you get delaminating and degradation of the material. Again, all Solar Blankets are made from rolls of material that have a fixed width. The manufacturer often has to sew or seal these sections together to make the appropriate size Blanket.

Above ground Pool Solar Blanket solar Blanket Reel


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